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Katrine Mira Damm

Hi Coffee Marketplace!

My name is Katrine Mira Damm and am from the beautiful country of Denmark. I am a small-town artist who has also worked as a barista! I was really excited when Brandon (the founder of Coffee Marketplace) reached out to about our upcoming coffee apparel project as it allows me to be able to bring together two of my greatest passions, art and coffee!  

I truly am a coffee geek! In my coffee blog (@JustWriteKat on Instagram) you will see me dig into different coffee topics such as brewing methods and local roasters. It's provided me the opportunity to discover new coffees, visit local roasters and/or cafes, develop long lasting relationships with folks in the coffee community and learn about new innovative brewing gadgets!  

It was around the age of 17 when I first got into the coffee. Early on I was taught that you can extract amazing flavors from coffee based on the quality of the beans you by and how you brew your coffee. I started experimenting with coffee and then moved to another city which has a speciality coffee house that I would visit all the time. The owner of that coffee house and I would frequently chat and what I learned from those conversations were utterly amazing My passion for coffee has grown enormously in such short period of time as now I lighten up every time I have the opportunity to talk about coffee. Starting this summer, I will be teaching teaching online coffee classes here in Denmark and I am beyond excited to share my knowledge with others! 

As mentioned earlier I am beyond excited about this upcoming coffee apparel project! I am kind of a clumsy girl which is  my inspiration to the “coffee splash” you will see on the designs we've developed. I often spill my coffee in real life – of course not on purpose, as I hate seeing coffee go to waste. My friends often tease me for being able to spill coffee everywhere and in any given situation! My designs are a tribute to all the  coffee I have spilled in my life. 

I hope you like my designs!

Stay caffeinated,




Coffee Marketplace Collection 

Katrine's Coffee Marketplace collection will be available for purchase as prints or as t-shirts in our shop store starting in June!

There will only be a limited amount for sale!

Coffee Marketplace members will receive 15% off all orders! 

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