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We've highlighted some of the most frequently asked questions below. If you don't find your question below, please feel free to contact us!


Who should I contact if I have an issue?

We hope that your membership experience is nothing less than perfection but if this isn't the case please; Contact the approriate roaster for all products (coffee, merchandise, etc.) purchased directly from their online store. Contact our team for any issues related to memberships, codes, NOT A COFFEE SHOP itesm or billing.

What type of memberships options do you offer?

We offer two membership options. A monthly membership that costs $0.99/month CAD which can be cancelled at any time. We also offer a yearly membership that is settled in a one time payment. When purchasing a yearly membership, you receive two months for free. Our yearly membership costs $9.99/year CAD. If you need help cancelling your monthly membership, please email us right away at info@coffeemarketplace.ca

My question isn't listed here!

No problem! Send your question to info@coffeemarketplace.ca Someone on our team will be happy to answer your question!

How do I know if I've received my exclusive benefit with my purchase?

When you apply the exclusive code at checkout, the benefit(s) should become visible. Percentage Discounts: Are indicated as the corresponding dollar amount at checkout. Dollar Discounts: Are indicated as a dollar amount at checkout. Sample Coffee: Indicated as "$0.01" at checkout. Merch: Indicated as "$0.01" at checkout. Free Shipping: Indicated as $0.00 for shipping at checkout. NOTE: Deals that include BOTH merch/sample bags and discounts will only show the discount online but the merch/sample bag will be added to the order when the coffee is shipped.

What are you shipping and return policies?

At this time, our online store which features the hotest coffee clothing designs is temporary on hiatus. We are working closely with local designers and will be providing new collections soon! Fulfillment and Shipping Policy: Once your order is placed, give our warehouse 2-7 business days to fulfill your order. We don't mass produce products, because we actually care about the quality, and this is why we produce at order. Once your item is fulfilled, the average shipping time is 3-5 business days depending on the delivery destination. *Due to COVID-19, shipping and fulfillment times may taken longer than expected Return Policy: We will happily help you return your items if; [1] Your product came with major damages [2] Your product's design is misprinted Any claims for misprinted/damaged/defective products must be submitted within 7 days after the product has been received. To do this, please take clear photos of your product and send us an email with the photos and details. We will evaluate your claim for return and provide you with next steps. We do not provide refunds. Please note that we have the authority to decline any return claims.

Do you sell coffee?

No, we don't actually sell coffee BUT we provide you with promotional codes that will get you sweet deals on coffee from the roasters we partner with. You are going to buy coffee anyway, let us help you get sweet deals for doing it!

Why would I pay you for promotional codes?

It's actually a no brainer when you do the math! We work with our partnered roasters to get you execlusive deals on coffee to ENSURE you are saving money. Let's quickly look at an example... [1] Coffee Roasters XYZ Offer: 20% off all coffee orders [2] You purchase 3 bags of coffee for a total of $60.00 [3] You save 20% on $60.00 which is $12.00 If you've purcahsed our monthly membership you paid us $0.99 and you saved $12.00 so you saved a total of $11.00. *IMPORTANT: All the offers provided by the roasters are reflected in their country's currency. Therefore if your countries currency is stronger than Canada's (i.e USD, Euro), you are saving even more! No brainer. We told you!

What currency is used on your platform?

The currency we use to charge our membership fees or items in our NOT A COFFEE SHOP store is Canadian. Why is this important to know? All the offers provided by the roasters are reflected in their country's currency. Therefore if your countries currency is stronger than Canada's (i.e USD, Euro), you are saving even more!