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This coffee has been designed to be warm and bold to induce romance and courage to overcome the winter blues and become a radiating source of positivity. 

Region:  Apaneca Ilamatepec, El Salvador

Roast Type: Single Origin

Producer: Mapache Estate

Roast Level: Dark

Process: Washed

Process: 1300 masl

Starting Price: $32.00/200g

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anagram was founded at the start of what became the COVID19 pandemic. The core of anagram is grounded in the desire of sharing their adventurous taste in coffee with others. They believe that the greatest aspect of drinking coffee is not the effects of caffeine nor the complex tasting notes assigned to it, but the experience of the feelings and emotions associated with drinking an exceptional cup of coffee.


Simply put, anagram is designing coffees that are relevant, and contextual to the times we live in - because that's something we all have in common.

Methodology & Process

Each month, anagram designs a special coffee with their roaster that will evoke a desired set of feelings and emotions. They go through several rounds of experimentation until they find the one formula that meets their desired outcome. In essence, you will be experiencing a unique coffee every month.

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