No matter where you are in your coffee journey, we believe speciality coffee is for you. We want to help you move along in your coffee journey!

Start with, "Why?"

Why did we start the Coffee Marketplace? 

Our mission is to introduce more coffee drinkers to speciality coffee. There are hundreds of amazing coffee roasters, that coffee drinkers have yet to discover. We want to help open the eyes of many to a new world of coffee! We designed the Coffee Marketplace to be a safe place to move along in your coffee journey. We are here to guide you at a pace that you feel comfortable! 

COVID-19 has impacted business. Times are tough for everyone but especially small businesses. Many if not most local coffee roasters are small businesses and we think it's our duty to help support them during these tough times! 

Built by coffee roasters and coffee drinkers!

The Coffee Marketplace is truly one of a kind, as it was built by both speciality coffee roasters as well as coffee drinkers from all over North America. We challenged the coffee community to answer the question, "What does the perfect online coffee platform look like when introducing coffee drinkers to speciality coffee?" After countless conversations, meetings, and brainstorming sessions, we developed the Coffee Marketplace, which is taking the coffee world by storm!

Designed with the coffee roasters and coffee lovers top of mind! 

By building the platform side-by-side with coffee lovers and roasters, it helped keep our team grounded. We were able to ensure that our program was built with both the roasters and customers at top of mind, while furthering our mission to introduce more coffee drinkers to speciality coffee. We built the Coffee Marketplace by appreciating all the good that comes from existing coffee subscription companies. However, we also were determined to elevate our platform by innovating on the current issues in subscriptions program facing the coffee roasters and customers. We believe we have cracked the code, and the Coffee Marketplace is just that!

Our promise...

Our promise is to never settle. Our promise is to stay dedicated to creating a marketplace that benefits both the coffee drinker and the coffee roaster. Our promise is to listen to feedback and continue to evolve. Our promise is to our mission. Our promise is to continue to introduce more coffee drinkers to speciality coffee.

Our promise is to the coffee community. We love you.

Built for coffee lovers!

The Coffee Marketplace improves the speciality coffee space for coffee drinkers regardless of where they are in their coffee journey. Compared to other coffee subscription companies, our program improves the coffee buying experience for coffee lovers in the following ways; 

[1] We give the buying power back to the coffee lover - anyone can toss a couple of coffee bags (from roasters they've cut deals with) into a box and ship it out to you at a premium price, but we don't believe in that. YOU get to choose who YOU want to buy coffee from - the power is in YOUR hands!

[2] We provide exclusive VIP coffee deals that are not available to the public - we've worked with each of our roasters to build out exclusive VIP coffee deals that are only available to Coffee Marketplace members. Each roaster provides their own offer, meaning the offers can differ from roaster to roaster! Offers range from deeper discounts, merchandise, free sample bags to so much more!

[3] We follow your pace and don't spend your money - unlike many other typical coffee subscription companies, by subscribing, we are not forcing you to purchase coffee every month. We will provide you with exclusive deals and codes each month, and YOU choose if YOU want to purchase coffee. You are in complete control! 

[4] We encourage coffee education through exploratory learning - we are successful when coffee drinkers are learning more about different specialty coffee roasters and their amazing coffee offerings. We don't just toss a 4x4 card in a box with a couple of lines about the roaster and coffees. Through our model, we proactively encourage coffee drinkers to visit the roasters website to dive deeper in learning about them and their products.​​

We celebrate our roasters! 

The Coffee Marketplace is powered by our amazing roasters! Without them, we wouldn't be able to share incredible speciality coffee options with our members! We celebrate our roasters by approaching our relationship with them as one focused one putting them first. Our model was built to improve the four major gaps imposed on roasters by the general coffee subscription companies; 

[1] Our branding takes a back seat - we are truly dedicated to promoting our roasters. They've worked hard on their branding, so we wouldn't dare to re-bag their coffee or hide their bags in boxes labeled with our own branding. We want our members to experience our roaster's full coffee experience!

[2] No fulfillment nightmare here - joining coffee subscription programs can be an absolute fulfillment nightmare for roasters. Usually these nightmares come with additional costs to the roasters! With our model, it's business as usual for our roasters. We bring our members to their online stores to purchase through their typical fulfillment model.

[3] They never worry about coffee freshness - we never touch the coffee - therefore our roasters never worry about when the coffee is actually getting into the hands of their customer. Our roasters can rest assured knowing that the coffee drinker is receiving their freshest coffee. How do we know? They're the ones sending it! 

[4] We let the roasters connect with their customers - did you know that roasters never find out who their coffee is being sent to when partnering with coffee subscription companies? To us, that's ridiculous! Our model allows roasters to better connect with their customers giving them the opportunity to deepen the relationships!



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